Pelosi: "We Don't Have a Policy Problem. We Have a Website Problem"

Only a liberal progressive could be this stupid.


Only a liberal progressive could be this stupid.

If you lack the competence to execute your policies, that's a policy problem. Government is not the proper tool for selling insurance. It's barely the proper tool for selling people anything.

A policy that depends on government trying to go Amazon is a policy problem.

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other party leaders discussed options for a bill with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius just before McDonough arrived to address the full caucus. She is trying to help the White House stem a tide of House Democrats who are leaning toward voting for a GOP bill, due on the House floor Friday, that would address the cancellation issue in much broader fashion than Obama would like.

“We don’t have a policy problem,” Pelosi told her Democrats in the private meeting, a defense of the law written by Congress. “We have a website problem.”

Much of the backlash actually now has to do with the cancellations, the website has become icing on the cake. But Pelosi is predictably too out of touch to know that.

But it takes a liberal progressive to think that policy is the ideal and that problems that take place in the realm of the real don't affect it.

To Pelosi, policy is an idea that remains legitimate no matter how badly the implementation is flubbed. This is why the left still thinks Communism can work. The implementation was the problem. Not the idea.