New York Times Op-Ed Claims Nukes are a Sacred Iranian Value

Since time immemorial, Islam has worshiped the nuclear warhead.

Sacred bomb values Sacred bomb values

Since time immemorial, Islam has worshiped the nuclear warhead. Which means allowing Iran to go nuclear is just a matter of religious freedom. Just ask the idiots at the New York Times.

According to news reports, a key factor in last weekend’s diplomatic impasse over Iran’s nuclear program was Iran’s insistence on what President Hassan Rouhani has called its “right” to enrich uranium. “National interests are our red line,” he declared, echoing earlier statements by other Iranian leaders.

Western officials appear flummoxed: Why would Iran refuse to budge, even when offered the considerable financial incentive of lessened sanctions?

They shouldn’t be surprised. Researchers who study “sacred values” — moral imperatives we’re unwilling to compromise on, be they political, religious or personal — have detected just such a pattern of intransigence. When sacred values are in play, studies show, any proposal of economic incentives to make a deal is liable to backfire. And for the Iranian leadership, nuclear power has evidently become such an issue.

There are two things going on here (besides a hack promoting his book with a topical issue)

1. Liberal racism. If a Western country is bent on nukes, then it's a murderous monster. But if official "brown people" want nukes, it must be because they have some "spiritual" need for them.

2. Sanctions are rational. Anyone who doesn't give in to them is being irrational, which means they must have some superstitious desire for nukes. It's inconceivable to them that it's irrational to expect a tyranny bent on going nuclear to refrain from it because of sanctions.

The New York Times is almost on the right track. In Islam, killing infidels is a sacred value. But it needn't be done with nukes.

As the Blazing Cat Fur blog points out,

The writer is apparently unaware that is possible to run nuclear reactors without enriching the uranium in your country (in fact, most countries do not enrich). He is further unaware that Iran has rejected an offer of importing enriched uranium from Russia.

There is nothing sacred to the Iranians about nuclear power. They are much more interested in nuclear bombs.

Sure, but it's harder for Western liberals to argue that nuclear bombs are sacred. That gets a little too close to the dirty bomb truth about Islam.