French Socialist President's Popularity Down to 15%

Only three per cent of respondents said they had a very positive opinion


This is what happens when you govern like Obama, but you're a short chubby white guy in glasses.

François Hollande's approval rating has hit new lows, shedding six percentage points in a month with only 15 per cent of respondents now backing the beleaguered French president, a poll has found.

Asked how they judged Mr Hollande's actions as president three per cent of respondents to the YouGov poll for the Huffington Post and i>TELE said they had a very positive opinion and 12 per cent said it was positive.
Seventy-six per cent said they had a rather negative or very negative opinion. Nine per cent would not comment.

The downturn follows the exposure of record unemployment, rising taxes and weak growth amid a growing nationwide feeling of despondency due to job cuts and factory closures.

Earlier this month, thousands of protesters angry at "ecotax" on heavy goods vehicles, promised to turn Brittany into Mr Hollande's "cemetery".

A 3 percent very positive means that you literally have no core supporters left.

Why not? Apparently it's hard to build a cult of personality around a guy who looks like that. The American left got away with making an incompetent left-wing idiot who governs just as badly into their messiah based on a surface charisma and race. Hollande doesn't have either of those going for him.

He's just the French edition of Jimmy Carter.