Why the Democrats Might Repeal ObamaCare

Repeal ObamaCare... and suddenly the Democrats can start running on health care reform again.

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I don't think this is as likely to happen as some conservative pundits do. The Dems would really have to be up against an electoral apocalypse in 2014 to bend on this.

But they have another motive that hasn't been widely discussed.

Obama is now a lame duck. Their goal is to move Hillary in for 2016. And Hillary Clinton doesn't have much to run on except being famous.

Obama had to come up with ObamaCare to challenge Hillary, who didn't have much to offer except more health care. With gay marriage in and little interest in foreign policy, she doesn't have anything else to push except illegal alien amnesty. And she can't be too loud about that in a general election. It can't be her signature issue.

If ObamaCare remains a mess, she can run on trying to fix it. But it might be more convenient for Democrats to sweep it off the table so it stops being a dead weight for them in 2014 and 2016.

Repeal ObamaCare... and suddenly the Democrats can start running on health care reform again.

Yes it sounds stupid, but remember we're dealing with voters who sent an unqualified Chicago hack to the White House twice, because they thought he really cared about them.

Take away ObamaCare and replace it with HillaryCare, even though they're basically the same thing. HillaryCare wouldn't pass in Congress as it is now, but if ObamaCare remains an obstacle, then Republicans may end up with enough votes to straight up repeal it. And if ObamaCare continues to be a dead weight, the political gamble may be worth it.

ObamaCare might not be completely repealed, but it would be neutered and dismantled so that it was no longer on the minds of voters.

The obstacle to that move is Obama. There are many names that he's been called, but team player isn't one of them. Taking a hit for Hillary isn't something he wants to do. Especially since without ObamaCare, his two terms come down to nothing.

As the Democratic Party preps for 2016, it may find itself in a sharp conflict with liberals, Obama's OFA monster and the billionaires of the left over ObamaCare and bigger issues as well.

The progressives are already dreaming of bludgeoning Hillary with Elizabeth Warren. The left is increasingly eager to push single payer. And Hillary will have to make the case for either her own health plan or for ObamaCare. It would be easier for her to use her own untested plan, rather than argue that she is the best candidate to fix ObamaCare.

And again, that requires killing ObamaCare.

We may be seeing a repeat of the struggle of 2008 between the Clintons and the Democratic Party and the Obama machine.