Palestinian Authority TV Used by Terrorist to Send Coded Message

“The calf will soon be in the cage, and we’ll celebrate the freedom of all prisoners.”

The Jihadist Allah Akbars at Midnight The Jihadist Allah Akbars at Midnight

Considering how many uncoded terrorist messages air on the television programs of the terrorist entity, no one thought to look for a coded message. It's like hiding Nazi literature in a copy of Mein Kampf or a call for a Communist revolution worldwide in Das Kapital.

On September 2013, Israeli soldier Tomer Hazan was kidnapped and murdered by terrorist Nidal Amar.

According to the indictment submitted last week, the murderer’s brother, Nour Al-Din Amar, who is already imprisoned in Israel for terrorist activity, had asked his brother Nidal to kidnap an Israeli soldier and hold him hostage in order to secure Nour Al-Din’s release.

The indictment stated that the murderer, Nidal Amar, passed a coded message to his brother in prison prior to the murder via official Palestinian Authority TV, informing him of his intention to kidnap a soldier for use in negotiating the brother’s release.

Palestinian Media Watch checked its recordings of the PA TV program For You, which regularly broadcasts greetings from Palestinians to security prisoners in Israeli prisons, and has indeed found the coded message. During a broadcast in May 2013, the host read a letter from Nidal to his imprisoned brother, in which he indicated in code his plan to kidnap a soldier: “The calf will soon be in the cage, and we’ll celebrate the freedom of all prisoners.”

Four months later, terrorist Nidal Amar kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldier Tomer Hazan. The terrorist was captured a few days later before he could carry out his plan to hold the soldier’s body as ransom for his brother’s release.

As Obama said, Israel has a partner in President Abbas. And as Abbas has said, he's no different than Hamas. And he keeps proving it again and again.