Kids with Cancer Lose Insurance Due to ObamaCare

"The only way we can expedite is if your son was an illegal."

If you like your cancer, you can keep your cancer...

But I'm sure the kids were just on a substandard bad apple plan. Isn't that the robotic liberal response to every criticism of ObamaCare.


A Gainesville family is fighting for their childrens' lives. Ronald and Krista Alford's two children, Hunter and Mikayla, were born with extremely rare types of cancer. Now, seven years into fighting that battle, they've been hit with a new one: their children's insurance has been cancelled, affecting Hunter's chemotherapy. News 12's Allison Harris brings us their story of struggle and strength. Hunter Alford is due for his next round of chemo. As of right now, his mom Krista says, he's unlikely to get it.

"Since his insurance was dropped, we're thinking about cancelling his chemotherapy," Krista Alford said.

The 7-year-old, who loves playing games on his iPad, is reportedly the youngest person to have his type of cancer. Hunter has Plexiform Hishocyne Neoplasm. The Alford's are in a battle with children's medicaid -- or CHIP -- Hunter's insurance. Krista says, despite receiving a new, renewed insurance card, the agency told her they dropped his insurance. "I called them and they said we were dropped October 31st," Krista said. Krista says an insurance agent told her that Hunter's information got lost when they made changes under the new Affordable Care Act. Now, Krista is on a mission to re-gain that insurance, but they're running out of time before his next chemo treatment, and the agent says they can't expedite.

"The lady's like, the only way we can expedite is if your son was pregnant and in labor, or if he was an illegal," Krista said.

It's all about the DREAMERs for Obama Inc... Not the American kids getting chemo.