Katie Couric, Follows Dan Rather, into Online Obscurity

Couric hopes to persuade other TV veterans make the transition into online programming.


Katie Couric, CBS's second-worst mistake after airing a report based on a Vietnam War era document types up on Microsoft Word, is following Dan Rather into obscurity as "news anchor" for Yahoo.

Considering that Yahoo is on its last legs and Katie Couric has worn out her welcome everywhere else, this seems like a good fit. And if Yahoo folds, Couric can always join former CBS anchorman Dan Rather on ASX TV doing "news reports" alongside Drinking Made Easy and Bikini Barbershop. And if she gets really desperate, she can start doing Newsroom recaps just like Dan Rather.

Yahoo officially announced Monday that Couric is joining its ranks as its “global anchor.”

After more than three decades on the air as a journalist and talk show hostess, the 56-year-old will now add Internet explorer to her resume, helping to develop global coverage for Yahoo. As part of her new position, which is still being defined, Couric will conduct monthly interview series and serve as the “face" of  Yahoo News.

Does an internet news feed really need a face? Apparently it does.

No one watched Couric on CBS. Now no one can watch her on Yahoo. Which is easy because who really wants to tune in to watch Katie Couric's interviews with Yahoo interns.

"Katie's depth of experience, her intellectual curiosity, and her charisma make her the perfect choice to anchor Yahoo News and the whole Yahoo Network. Her unmatched energy, savvy, and versatility enables her to connect with audiences across the globe," said Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo. "News is a definitive daily habit for our users -- and Katie will work with our talented editorial team to pioneer a new chapter of digital journalism."

Given a choice between pouring gasoline the company and setting it on fire... appointing Marissa Mayer CEO, Yahoo should have exercised its gasoline option.

Anyone who still uses Yahoo Mail probably already knows why.

The only question is was Katie Couric stupid enough to accept stock or did Marissa Mayer just blow a crazy amount of money to get Katie Couric to appear in videos that no one will watch?

“I am particularly excited about hopefully attracting other people to this platform and venture,” Couric said in an interview with The Associated Press. “We are in a major, transformative time in terms of media in this country.”

Katie Couric is hoping to attract people to the internet?  In 2013. Oh boy.

She hopes will help persuade other broadcast TV veterans make the transition into online programming.

Dan Rather did it first. Speaking of Rather...

Notably, CBS did not include Rather in its own planned coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Rather appears only in archival footage.

This wasn't exactly unexpected, said Rather--it's been happening since he lost his job in a somewhat mysterious sequence of events after he reported on "60 Minutes" that a series of memos questioning President George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard service record had been discovered.

Mysterious? Was there a second Microsoft Word typist on the grassy knoll?


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