Obama and Soros Funded Liberal Think Tank Promotes Destruction of Israel

"The book could have been published by the "Hamas Book of the Month Club"


Creepy Nazi manchild Max Blumenthal is getting a new forum to promote his deranged screed about the Jewish State. The liberal Nation's book review said his book could have been published by the "Hamas Book of the Month Club". The liberal Forward paper described Blumenthal calling for the elimination of Israel's Jewish population.

But Blumenthal Jr is the son of Sidney Blumenthal; a former Clinton aide and pal of Hillary Clinton. And that name opens a lot of doors.

One of those doors is at the New America Foundation. The NAF received $1 million from the State Department, the Ford Foundation, Bill Gates and Google's CEO. Other donors include the McArthur Foundation, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Bank of Palestine, the Rockerfeller Foundation, the Tides Foundation and various Soros franchises.

That's not surprising since Soros' son sits on its Board of Directors.

The New America Foundation (NAF) is one of the most prosperous and influential think tanks in Barack Obama’s Washington. It’s run by Anne-Marie Slaughter, who was director of policy planning in the Obama State Department from 2009 to 2011.

Its executive board is chaired by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and is filled with luminaries of the world of finance like Steve Rattner (Obama’s “car czar”), media stars like Fareed Zakaria, public intellectuals like Francis Fukuyama and even a token centrist like Walter Russell Mead as well as the likes of George Soros’s son Jonathan. In other words, it’s about as connected to the pulse of the Obama-era capital as you can be outside of the West Wing.

In one sense, it is hardly surprising that Slaughter’s group would embrace Blumenthal’s book at the same time that the current head of the State Department is counseling Congress to “ignore” Israeli concerns about Iran and betraying its democratic ally with deals that legitimize Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Should the State Department be in the business of dropping 1 million on a liberal think tank where Soros Jr sits on the board when it couldn't afford to provide security for the diplomatic mission in Benghazi?

But apparently there's always cash on hand to promote the mass murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel.