Obama's Afghanistan Deal Puts Homes Off Limits to US Soldiers

The Afghan Surge was a disaster because Obama handicapped American soldiers


Let's hope the Taliban never figure out that they can just step into a house and attack American soldiers from there. Just like they've been using mosques and human shields to get immunity from attack by using the rules of engagement of American soldiers against them.

The proposed Bilateral Security Agreement announced Wednesday by Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Secretary of State John F. Kerry all but prohibits U.S. troops from entering dwellings during combat. President Obama made the vow directly to Mr. Karzai.

“U.S. forces shall not enter Afghan homes for the purposes of military operations, except under extraordinary circumstances involving urgent risk to life and limb of U.S. nationals,” Mr. Obama pledged in a letter to the Afghan leader.

A rare look at today’s classified rules of engagement is contained in the huge investigative file on the Afghan Taliban’s downing of a CH-47 Chinook helicopter last year that killed 30 U.S. troops, including 17 members of SEAL Team 6. The report notes service members’ frustration at seeing people they knew were Taliban fighters during the August 2012 operation in Afghanistan’s Tangi Valley, but they were denied permission to shoot.

An AH-64 Apache gunship pilot said he saw the spot from where Taliban operatives fired the rocket-propelled grenade that felled the chopper.

“Due to [rules of engagement] and tactical directives, I couldn’t fire at the building where I thought the [shooter] was, so I aimed directly to the west of the building,” the pilot testified, according to transcripts obtained by The Washington Times.

The Afghan Surge was a disaster because Obama handicapped American soldiers and then sent them into battle that way resulting in horrifying casualties.

The vast majority of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan were murdered on his watch by the very people he keeps trying to appease. If there was any basis for impeachment, the sheer number of dead American soldiers who didn't have to die would top the list.

And now, Obama is going to keep US soldiers there while handicapping them even more.