Obama and Iran Agreed to One Day Agree on Something

Meanwhile Iran gets loosened sanctions and freedom to go nuclear


There's no agreement on what Iran and Obama and the Euros agreed to. Or when this agreement will actually be implemented. (But meanwhile Iran gets loosened sanctions and freedom to pursue its nuclear program.)

Aside from all the moral and ethical reasons, this is why you don't negotiate with terrorists. Or for that matter with any Islamic regime that believes you are subhuman and that Allah is the best deceiver.

No agreement is ever actually reached - Go look at the so-called Peace Process. There is no agreement. Not even after decades of concessions. It's easier for the Muslim terrorist side to stretch out negotiations indefinitely while building up capabilities to threaten more violence and extra more concessions.

Of course you don't have to be Muslim to do that. You can be a Communist too. As North Korea demonstrates.

Iran is currently enjoying a “window” of time before the six-month deal signed in Geneva early Sunday goes into effect, during which it is not bound to take any credible steps toward disabling its ability to produce a nuclear weapon, the State Department acknowledged Tuesday.

When does the deal begin, during which Iran will actually have to do something or pretend to do something... instead of just gaining benefits?

Psaki said that she did not “have a specific timeline” for how long the window would be in place before the six-month period began

So basically one day, a six-month period will begin. And there's no agreement on that or anything else.

“The next step here is a continuation of technical discussions at a working level so that we can essentially tee up the implementation of the agreement,” Psaki told reporters Tuesday. “Obviously, once that’s — those technical discussions are worked through, I guess the clock would start."

So there needs to be an agreement on implementing the agreement because this process is obviously working so well.

Iran on Tuesday accused the US of publishing an inaccurate account of what had been agreed. And its Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in an address to the Iranian parliament Wednesday that Iran would continue construction on the Arak heavy water plant, in an apparent breach of the ostensibly agreed terms.

So there's no agreement on what was agreed or when it will be implemented. Meanwhile Iran doubles its race to the bomb.

Obama and his cronies claiming that it's just six months to test Iran's goodwill are lying. It's an indefinite period whose scope Iran is free to determine by delaying negotiations.

No, this isn't anything like North Korea. Or Munich. It's even worse.