Illegal Alien Charged with Hate Crime for Mistaken Race Slashing

"Had he realized the victim was Asian instead of Puerto Rican, he would not have slashed him."


There are a million multicultural stories in the naked city. You don't want to hear most of them. You don't even want to hear this one. But here it is anyway.

A Mexican man has been charged with attempted murder as a hate crime after he slashed the face of a customer at an Internet cafe in Chinatown because he thought the man was Puerto Rican, authorities said.

Maxsimino Lucero was a DREAMer. By which I mean, he hated America, Puerto Ricans and Blacks.

Davis chased his attacker, Maxsimino Lucero, 44, out of the Green Forest Internet Cafe on Eldridge St. after the unprovoked slashing on Sunday morning and beat him with a stick on the street, police sources said.

Lucero, who was arraigned Monday and ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail, apparently hated life in America and Puerto Ricans, but had no beef with Asians. Prosecutor Mary Vitale said at Lucero’s arraignment that “he just wanted to go back to Mexico and was done with being in the United States.”

That's something we can probably all agree on. But how did Lucerno get into the United States? He was a refugee. Or an illegal alien.

Probably both.

Lucero’s lawyer, Julie Sender, said Lucero fled to America from his native Mexico about 30 years ago to escape an abusive father. She also said she doubts his alleged admission, arguing that because he hadn’t taken his medication for “mental health issues,” his ability to understand questions was “somewhat compromised.”

Sounds like a real winner. But at least, of all the people he hated, he didn't hate Asians.

He confessed to slashing Davis across the face “because he thought the victim was Puerto Rican and black and that he was going for the throat and he wanted to kill him," the criminal complaint says.

Lucero also said “that had he realized the victim was Asian instead of Puerto Rican, he would not have slashed him," the complaint adds.

There are a million stories in the naked multicultural city whose politically correct emperor wears no pants, but gets so confused by its vast multiplicity of races that he can't be sure of the race of the man he's stabbing.