Americans Say 2-1 that ObamaCare has Hurt Them

So much for the Greater Good theory of liberalism.


So much for the Greater Good theory of liberalism. You can see why the ObamaCare defenders are retreating to arguing wealth redistribution and racism.

On Nov. 23-24, Gallup asked 1,034 adults this question: “As you may know, a few of the provisions of the healthcare law have already gone into effect. So far, has the new law helped you and your family, not had an effect, or has it hurt you and your family?

Only 9 percent said that Obamacare had helped them and their family. Meanwhile, 19 percent said it had hurt them and their family and 69 percent said that it had had no effect on them and their family.

The more cancellations keep coming and premium hikes and lost employer insurance, the more those numbers will keep tilting burying Democratic political hopes under the landslide of their own socialized medicine disaster.

The irony is that Obama got praise from progressives for bucking political wisdom and pushing on where Clinton called a halt. And now the Democrats are relearning why Clinton did that.

It's not just about beating Republicans. That's easy.

It's about beating reality.