Another Obama Federal Judge Forces NYPD to Open Files to Terrorists

Reverse-engineer the information and you’ve got a how-to-strike-New York training manual.


This is what the Daily News wrote before Obama judge,  Pamela Chen ruled for the terrorists.

In Brooklyn Federal Court, a group of local Muslims has asked Judge Pamela Chen to open virtually every document in the files of the NYPD Intelligence Division to inspection on the claim that the cops have singled out members of their faith for undue investigation.

They are on a dangerous fishing expedition that could reveal how the division goes about business while also disclosing potential investigative targets and sources of information. Reverse-engineer the information and you’ve got a how-to-strike-New York training manual. Chen must shut them down.

Three Muslim men and three Muslim groups have accused the NYPD of violating their constitutional rights by taking an interest in their activities based solely on religion, while showing no equivalent interest in members of different faiths.

Adding to the insanity, the NYPD has clearly explained why cops took an interest in the plaintiffs. For example, cops looked at individuals associated with Brooklyn’s Masjid At Taqwa mosque “based upon information about their lengthy history of suspected criminal activity, some of it terroristic in nature,” including “illegal weapons trafficking . . . allegations that the mosque ran a ‘gun club’ and allegations that the assistant imam had earmarked portions of over $200,000 raised in the mosque to a number of U.S. government-designated terrorist organizations.”

Opening Intelligence Division files to anyone would be foolhardy in the extreme. Chen must bar these plaintiffs from rummaging through necessarily confidential documents in a case that appears primarily aimed at achieving just that end.

Except Judge Pamela Chen, an Obama appointee, did the exact opposite. Which is exactly what you would expect an Obama judge to do.

In order to tailor the request to specific information necessary to Plaintiffs’ claims and to minimize the potential burden on Defendants, the Court narrows the request as follows:

Request #4 Intelligence Division documents containing operational directives, presentations, memoranda, strategy initiatives, training procedures, and policies, concerning any of the following as a basis for, or a factor considered in, deciding to engage in Surveillance or Investigations:

a. Islam, its adherents, or its schools of thought, including but not limited to Salafis or Salafism;

b. Non-Islamic religions, their adherents, or their schools of thought with any alleged link or connection to terrorism;

Chen didn't grant all their requests, but many of those requests were unserious to begin with. They would have allowed a complete rifling of all the NYPD's files. Many of them didn't exist. And it's possible that at least some of the requests were about establishing just that as a way of gauging the NYPD's intelligence capabilities.