UK Warned that Ban of Popular African Muslim Drug May Cause Terrorism

4 out of 5 Somali immigrants are Khat junkies


The UK is experiencing an interesting reversal of the Opium War. Now Africa is forcing the UK to buy drugs. Some have blamed Khat for destroying entire societies. But on the plus side, it supposedly doesn't make its users violent so maybe a plus for social harmony.

Multiculturalism now comes with drug use tolerance included.

Britain's plan to ban khat, a leafy plant chewed as a stimulant in the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula, should be dropped because it could alienate immigrants and damage counter-terrorism operations, lawmakers said on Friday.

How could banning a drug damage counterterrorism?

Banning the use of khat, or qat, would create tension between the police and immigrants, particularly Somalis who have settled across Britain, the committee said in a report.

"It is baffling that potential friction, between already disadvantaged communities and the police, has not been fully considered," said committee chairman Keith Vaz. "We cannot afford for those who are already marginalized to be pushed towards criminality or extremism."

Vaz was the guy who got out front to call for a Satanic Verses ban back in the day. While he's all for banning books that offend Muslims, he warns ever so subtly that banning a popular African drug will lead to Islamic terrorism.

It would also be seen as a betrayal by Kenya, where growing khat is a big source of income in some areas, the panel added. Any damage to bilateral relations could undermine the two countries' joint fight against militants.

Why not legalize heroin? Afghanistan will see it as a betrayal if the UK doesn't and it will push the Taliban toward extremism.

Home Secretary (interior minister) Theresa May said in July that the ban would help prevent Britain from becoming a hub for the illegal trade in khat to countries where it is banned. She also cited evidence that khat has been linked to "low attainment and family breakdowns".

Otherwise known as multiculturalism.

In Somalia, 80 percent of the men are on Khat. (Why yes we do need more immigration from Somalia. And as a bonus, 4 out of 5 Somali immigrants will be junkies.)

The US Drug Enforcement Agency website ( report that khat seizures increased from 17.6 metric tons in 1996 to 37.2 metric tons in 2001 indicating substantial amounts of khat are consumed in the US.

Khat is illegal in the United States of America, cathinone is a Schedule I drug (the same as heroin and cocaine), and cathine is a Schedule IV drug.

Khat is considerably more expensive in North America than in those countries where it remains a legal drug: in the US street value is $400

It's like importing immigrants from junkie societies increases drug use... and terrorism. Does Khat fund Islamic terrorism? Oh yes.


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