Kuwaiti Paper Claims Obama to Visit Iran in 2014

Obama is willing to be the first American president to visit Iran


The source for this is Al-Jarida, which has a history of dubious claims, but interestingly enough it's being splashed all over the Iranian media; which suggests, in light of recent Kuwaiti-Iranian events, that Iran may have hand-fed the story to begin with.

The Arabic-language Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Jarida, added President Obama is willing to be the first American president who visits Iran since the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in that country, Afghanistanˈs Jomhor News Agency reported.

Al-Jarida was quoting a US diplomatic source.

The source said that President Obama is willing to visit Iran by mid-2014. Details of the visit has not been revealed yet but there is a joint intention to this end, the source was quoted by Al-Jarida.

It added the source said President Obama is looking forward for the trip during which he is to implement US new policy in the region which is based on principles of balance and non-intervention.

Not that Obama wouldn't love to get another groundbreaking diplomatic photo op. But I doubt there's anything definitive scheduled.