Iran: No Dismantling of Nuke Facilities

President Hassan Rohani vowed never to dismantle any nuclear site.


Don't worry. The nuke deal is still coming along great. In exchange for letting Iran do anything it wants. Iran promises not to nuke us. Jihadi scout's honor.

President Hassan Rohani vowed to the Financial Times never to dismantle any nuclear site. Rohani was also adamant that enriching uranium is a “right” that Iran will not concede.

He cited the Islamic Republic’s relations with the United States as a barometer of Iranian relations with the West. Rohani told the newspaper that improving relations with Washington is “complicated” and “cannot be resolved in a short period of time.”

Some contend that the lengthy diplomacy he suggests is an effective cover for efforts to create nuclear weapons while being assured that no military option is on the table as it was before the Western powers deal was struck.

A Washington Post editorial on Friday criticizes President Obama, noting there is no provision to “balance” the concessions made to Iran with “a major rollback in Iran’s nuclear infrastructure,” a point Rohani effectively said in his Financial Times interview will not happen.

The newspaper was critical of both Obama and Secretary of State Kerry who promised the interim deal would not include a recognition of Iran’s “right to enrich uranium,” yet, the “long-standing US demand that an underground enrichment facility be closed is not mentioned.”

Because, like everything else, it's been abandoned.