California Considers Giving Away Free Electric Cars to the Poor

The agency would need to pay the “full cost” of a vehicle for a family of two


What do the poor need most? Jobs? Nah. In Governor Moonbeam's California they need free electric cars.

Free means that you'll be paying for them. Even if you're not a California resident, there will probably be Federal money involved.

"The California Air Resources Board is now embarking on a program that would help poor people buy energy-efficient vehicles. In one scenario posed by the agency, a “voucher” might even pay the full price for a Nissan Leaf, an electric car with an MSRP above $21,000, or for used cars with lower price tags."

But it only stands to reason. If companies like Tesla and Karma get gobs of money from Obama. It's time to make electric cars go full welfare.

"Apparently, wealthy people already are benefiting from subsidies to high-end electric car makers such as the Tesla. This law brings car subsidies directly to lower-income people. The law was authored by Sen. Fran Pavley, D-Calabassas, recently named one of two Legislators of the Year by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers for her efforts to promote cleaner air."

Sure. Cleaner air. Has nothing to do with a plan to buy and give away cars that no one wants.

Not even a possibility.

"It finds, for instance, the agency would need to pay the “full cost” of a vehicle for a family of two to buy a new electric car or $18,000 for a family of three to buy a used hybrid."

Why not also buy them dinner for a year and throw in weekly theater tickets. It's for the environment.

Come to California, where there's no money to pay the cops or firefighters, but there's plenty of money to buy electric cars for the poor.

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