Muslim Family in Israel Nearly Lynched for Looking Jewish

"They tried to pull us out of the car and hit us."


By "looking Jewish", I assume they mean having dyed blonde hair. There are plenty of younger Arabs inside Israel who go for the modern look. It generally doesn't get them lynched. But then again the Salafis are also making inroads inside Israel. So their assailants may have known they weren't Jewish. Adding weight to that theory is the wife's claim that she recognized one of them.

A Muslim family from east Jerusalem was attacked two weeks ago by three Arab youths near the road of Sur Baher. Only after the group learnt that the family was in fact Palestinian did they leave them alone.

If they're from East Jerusalem, then Yediot shouldn't be referring to them as Palestinian. But there's a reason I have low expectations of Ynet.

"After driving along the road near Sur Baher three Arab youths jumped up on us," Salman told Ynet on Sunday.

"They tried to pull us out of the car and hit us, it seemed they were intent on lynching us. They tried opening the doors and my wife begged them to leave us alone. She spoke to them in Arabic and only then did they understand that we ourselves are Arabs, and left us alone. I hit the gas and drove away as fast as possible."

According to him, the youth clearly mistook them for Jews: "Me and my wife look Jewish, even the police officer who arrived said 'at first sight I was sure you were Jews.' He told us that these types of things happen all the time."

That's certainly interesting.

Unlike the aforementioned case of Avigail Ben Zion, which prompted quick and harsh response from security forces, Salman said the police told him it would take a number of days until something would be done.

In that case, a 2-year-old girl was injured in an attack. More importantly that got media coverage which is about the only thing, besides direct political pressure, that gets police officers in Israel to do something.

According to him, the police has all the tools necessary to stop at least one of the three. "My wife used to live in Umm-Tuba, she studied and lived in the area all her life. She identified one of the three, and gave the police his name and they even showed us his image in the computer. But as far as we know nothing has yet happened."

In response, Jerusalem District Police said that "a complaint was lodged and immediate afterwards an investigation was opened in a bid to find and capture an escaped suspect. We believe that we he will be arrested soon."

Welcome to Israeli policing. Rule number one of Israeli policing is "Don't bother the police". Rule number two is see rule number one, but it doesn't apply in cases where the possible suspect is one of those "right-wing extremists".

When dealing with crime in the Arab sector, don't bother the police. Just learn to live with it. If it's a stolen car, make arrangements to buy it back from the thieves. If it's a physical attack, don't report it or you'll be the one on trial when four of the perp's family members accuse you of firing shots at them.