Pro-Islamist MP Asks Pro-Islamist Editor If He Loves Britain

"I love this country. ‘Do you love this country?’


This wouldn't be nearly as surreal an event if the parliamentarian asking the question weren't Keith Vaz who has a long history of defending and promoting Muslim violence and terror dating back to the Rushdie case.

In regard to the Snowden case, MP Vaz asked Guardian editor Rusbridger an obvious question.

"I love this country,’ said Mr Vaz, voice so moist you could have grown cress on it. ‘Do you love this country?’

“I’m slightly surprised to be asked the question but, yes, we are patriots and one of the things we are patriotic about is the nature of democracy, the nature of a free press and the fact that one can, in this country, discuss and report these things,” Rusbridger replied.

That's a complicated way of answering in the negative. If you're patriotic about democracy and the free press, but not about the UK, what you're really patriotic about is some absurd notion of international liberal standards. Not the country.

The Guardian is notoriously hostile not just to the UK, but to Western civilization. That's something it has in common with Keith Vaz. The Guardian is arguably worse than Vaz and this encounter reminds us why.