Syrian Wannabe Jihadis Raid Aussie ATMs for Terror Cash

He said that Osama bin Laden "died a martyr".


To no one's surprise, the Jihadist behind the infamous Sydney riots and the whipping case has been trying to fund the Syrian Jihad with crime.

 Wassim Fayad, 46, one of two head spokesmen during the riots, was arrested at 7.30am last Friday at Auburn and charged over the failed ram-raid involving at least two other men at North Ryde on May 15.

Earlier that year he told The Sunday Telegraph after the death of Osama bin Laden that the 9/11 master­mind "died a martyr".

Fayad is presently on bail, a court heard last week, awaiting the outcome of an appeal against a two-year sentence he received for his role in whipping a Muslim convert who confessed to drinking alcohol and taking drugs in 2011.

The new charge, laid by the Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command, is over the aggravated break and enter on a shopping centre at Waterloo Rd, North Ryde - his bail was revoked after the charge was laid.

The incident involved a four-wheel drive and a van driven into the shopping centre about 4am. Police will allege the four-wheel drive was used to ram two ATMs before Fayad and at least two others allegedly tried to access the cash inside. They left empty-handed.

Fayad was also charged last week by the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad with being an accessory after the fact in an unrelated attempt to murder case - he appeared in court on both charges.

The fact that there is a Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad tells you all you need to know about Australia's Muslim immigration problem.