Moderate Muslims Threaten Elementary School Teachers with Death for Not Wearing Burka

The organization calls itself a repression cell in the region


Women with uncovered faces might give the little tykes all sorts of ideas. This isn't happening in Afghanistan... but in Tunisia. The heartland of the Arab Spring.

A group of Salafites has issued death threats against teachers at an elementary school in Djerba, Tunisia, if they will not start wearing the Islamic veil within a week.

In a letter with the logo of Ansar al Sharia, a Salafist Islamic group suspected of terror activities and banned by the Tunisian government, the teachers are threatened by an organization which calls itself a repression cell in the region.

The death threat was denounced by the school director who took the letter to the police.

Primary schools have long been targeted by Islamists as part of what appears like a general plan to set up, without authorization, dozens of Koranic schools with programmes which are completely different from official ones.

A repression cell. How precisely accurate.

Handy solution. If you have trouble setting up your own schools just threaten all the other schools into complying with your program.

Some might complain that it's unfair to call Salafis moderate. But I'm not being sarcastic. If the Muslim Brotherhood can be repeatedly referred to as a moderate group as well as many of the Salafist militias in Syria that aren't Al Qaeda... that clearly isn't a problem.