Venezuela's Insane Dictator Reinvents Self as Communist Santa Claus

He's seizing goods and dictating a price.


It's almost reasonable. Santa Claus is famous for giving free stuff. Maduro is famous for wrecking the country while promising free stuff. And the left-wing dictator's supernatural credentials are bolstered by visions of Hugo Chavez appearing to him in bird form and forcibly cutting electronics prices by taking over stores.

The problem is that you can only give away free stuff once. Then it goes off the market. That's why used cars in Venezuela cost more than the new cars that aren't available at government prices.

But that isn't stopping Maduro from promoting his Socialist spirit.

Having nationalized a large number of domestic and international businesses, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has moved on to nationalizing Christmas. The socialist government of Venezuela released an official Youtube Christmas carol this week urging businesses to lower the prices of goods and celebrating Maduro.

The carol, clumsily titled "Knock Knock-- Who Is It? People Of Peace, Lower Those Prices, Nicolás Is Here," is designed to excite people about President Maduro's new decree powers and his crusade to lower the prices of goods to bankrupt the middle class after calling for state-sponsored looting of stores. The title is meant to play on the President's name--giving something like the effect of "Saint Nick is here!" without actually calling him Venezuela's new Santa Claus--and it delivers on the heavy-handed, North Korea style government propaganda.

"Justice for the people/who have always governed," sing the chorus, praising Maduro's "success" at lowering the prices of goods (most notably this week, cars).

Maduro isn't lowering prices of course. He's seizing goods and dictating a price. At which point those goods become impossible to buy resulting in shortages for everything from cars to toilet paper.

That's the problem with Communist Santa. The only thing he really delivers is poverty.