Obama: Iran Needs to Keep Nuclear Program for its "Dignity"

Demanding no enrichment, Obama said, was unrealistic


Oddly enough Obama didn't go around explaining that when he meant that an Iranian nuclear program was unacceptable, what he actually meant was that uranium enrichment was completely acceptable... before he actually made that disastrous deal.

Alluding to the view of Netanyahu and a number of lawmakers in Congress, Obama said, “what this comes up down to is the perception that if we kept churning up the pressure, new sanctions, more sanctions, more military threats etc, that eventually Iran would cave.”

Instead, Obama said, that would likely drive away allies who have helped keep up the pressure on Iran through U.S.-led sanctions.

So those sanctions don't work, except when they do work. They work at getting a meaningless agreement through. But not a meaningful one. Is there anything sanctions can't do? Just ask Kim Jong Il and Bill Clinton.

Obama outlined U.S. red lines in a final agreement, including the dismantling of the plutonium reactor at Arak and the underground nuclear reactor at Fordow, as well as advanced centrifuges.

These would be the new red lines. Which everyone takes seriously. Because look at how he stuck to his red lines on Syria. And Iran.

Demanding no enrichment, Obama said, was unrealistic, likening it to his believing Congress would pass every one of his legislative initiatives.

The Iranians needed to come to a deal that would afford them some “dignity,” he said, and alluded to broad popular support for some enrichment capacity.

What exactly does dignity have to do with a nuclear weapons program? This is a straightforward problem. Iran is a terrorist regime and its nuclear program is weapons oriented. Either that program gets stopped or we're looking at a countdown to terrorists getting their hands on nukes.

But stopping the program would damage Iran's dignity.

Obama twice said that he would reassert the military option should talks fail with Iran. “I’ve made clear I can avail myself of including a military option, is one we can consider and prepare for,” he said.

And then everyone laughed and laughed.