Muslim Brotherhood to Launch "Pulse of Freedom" TV Station

Nothing says freedom like medieval theocracy

Live from Istanbul... it's Jihad Live from Istanbul... it's Jihad

Because when you think of a medieval theocracy... the first thing that comes to mind is freedom. Right after beheadings and oppression.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood said it is establishing a television station in Turkey to broadcast its political views.

The station, known as Rabia, will have an Islamist slant and use the motto "the pulse of freedom," Today's Zaman reported Saturday.

Details of Rabia's programming were not revealed but Today's Zaman said its launch would likely further strain relations between Egypt and Turkey.

Egypt has already speculated Rabia has the backing of Turkish intelligence agencies.

Obviously it does. Turkey, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood are thick as thieves. But opening a "Pulse of Freedom" station in Turkey is doubly ironic considering how relentless the Erdogan regime has been in suppressing freedom of speech.

So why not just launch this puppy in Qatar where it can work side by side with Al Jazeera? Maybe Qatar is getting a little tired of being Public Enemy Number 1.

But speaking of Turkey's popularity in the Arab world... it's been better.

The biggest decline was registered in Egypt and war-ravaged Syria, where Turkey is strongly opposed to those in power, according to the poll by an Istanbul-based think-tank. Overall, the number of people surveyed in 16 countries who had a positive view of Turkey slid to 59 per cent this year from 78 per cent in 2011, the Turkey Economic and Social Studies Foundation said.

Paradoxically, Turkey was more popular in the Arab world when it had a relationship with Israel than when it got deep into bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Turkey's answer is to climb even deeper into bed with the Brotherhood.

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