Obama Brings the Center for American Progress Into the White House

Obama hopes to lie and smear his way out of the ObamaCare mess.


Not that CAP, the criminal leftist brain inside the Frankenstein's monster that is Obama Inc. was ever outside the White House. But this is a blatant doubling down.

Obama clearly hopes to lie and smear his way out of the ObamaCare mess. That's the message he's sending by bringing in Podesta. He's going to the mattresses and putting the capo on the payroll.

President Obama, after a rocky year that leaves him at the lowest ebb of his presidency, is bringing into his White House circle the longtime Democratic strategist John D. Podesta, a former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton.

Mr. Podesta, who has agreed to serve as counselor for a year, led Mr. Obama’s presidential transition in 2008 and has been an outside adviser since then. He also has occasionally criticized the administration, if gently, from his perch as the founder and former president of the Center for American Progress, a center-left public policy research group that has provided personnel and policy ideas to the administration.

Mr. Podesta will help Mr. McDonough on matters related to the health care law, administration organization and executive actions, said a person familiar with the plans, and will focus in particular on climate change issues, a personal priority of Mr. Podesta’s.

Obama doubling down on left-wing extremism is as predictable as snow in December (sorry Warmunists, the end isn't happening). It's what he always does. He may take a few verbal steps back when the pressure mounts, but then he waits a little and disavows the non-retreats. You can see he has done that with the IRS. He always does that.

The whole mindset here is that the public loves progressive ideas. There are just problems communicating those ideas. So Podesta will sit on Obama's shoulder and tell him to be twice as radical as before while communicating better with the public.