Would Obama Shake Hands with Hitler?

Obama's spokesman can't find a single monster horrible enough that he wouldn't shake his hand


No one knows. And it's not a valid question because Hitler is dead.

Would Obama shake hands with Kim Jong Il? Probably yes.

Sudan's genocidal tyrant Omar al-Bashir? No real doubts there. Obama was rather firm on the subject of not bombing Sudan.

Gaddafi. Already done. Chavez. Also done. Raul Castro. Also done. Assad? If it's good enough for Kerry and Pelosi, why not Obama? Mugabe ? Sure.

Iran's Supreme Leader? A handshake is small potatoes compared to a nuke.

So it's no wonder that Obama's spokesman can't find a single monster horrible enough that he wouldn't shake his hand. Not a single one.

Karl asked, “Do you — I mean, you’ve seen some of the criticism, I mean, John McCain actually compared this to Neville Chamberlain shaking hands with Hilter. What’s your response to all that criticism that, you know, people say that the president shouldn’t have given this — given Castro the opportunity to have a handshake with the leader of the United States?”

Earnest replied with a bland deflection: “Well, again, first of all, the president shook hands with everybody who was on the stage and Mr. Castro was one of those individuals who was on the stage.”


Karl tried again, asking “Is there anybody that the president would not — is there any world leader the president would not shake hands with? I mean, if Assad had been on that stage, if Kim Jong-Un had been on that stage? I mean, I’m trying to gauge the principle, he shook hands with everybody on the stage. I mean, is there any — anybody he wouldn’t?”

Earnest’s answer: “That’s a difficult hypothetical to entertain, and I decline to do it at this point.”

As Al Gore would say, there's no legal controlling authority to determine what sort of monsters Obama can and can't shake hands with.

U.S. President Barack Obama greets his Venezuela counterpart Hugo Chavez before the opening ceremony of the 5th Summit of the Americas

Barack Obama, Nouri al-Maliki