Obama's Global Warming Task Force Met as Snowstorm Shut Down Fed Gov

Are the polar bears saved yet?


I blame Global Warming I blame Global Warming

Ah but it's not Global Warming anymore. After a few too many snowstorms, the Warmists learned their lesson. Now it's Climate Change. And it's responsible for all the weather. If weather happens... then climate change caused it.

A winter storm warning from the National Weather Service was enough to close down the federal government’s offices in Washington Tuesday.

But neither snow nor sleet  could keep members of the State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience from their appointed round at the White House.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee tweeted a photo of Tuesday’s first meeting of the task force, which was created by an executive order of President Obama on November 1st as part of his Climate Action Plan.

The meeting was also attended by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn – right after Chicago posted its lowest subzero overnight temperature since 1995 and one day after the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth in East Antarctica.

So how is that "acting on climate" thing working out? Are the polar bears saved yet?