Hamas Claims Jews Plotting "Earthquake Attack" Against Mosque

Israel has been accused of using earthquake weapons before.

hans moleman earthquake machine fortress of the mole

No word on whether all those Zionist spybirds are involved. Also no word on how this earthquake is only supposed to affect the Muslim colonialist mosque of the dome of the rock, and not the Western Wall and the temple site, which is the holiest place in Judaism.

It must be a really precise earthquake.

Ismail Radwan, Minister of Religious Affairs in Gaza's Hamas government, claims that Israel is trying to cause an artificial earthquake to totally collapse the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. According to Radwan, Israel is attempting to do so to establish the Third Temple.

The comments came at an event organized by female students of the College for Professional Applied Sciences. In response to the supposed "earthquake attack," Radwan called for a general national enlistment to the military, and to support the mosque by having fixed presence at the site.

Israel has been accused of using earthquake weapons before. Israel has been accused of being behind the Fukushima disaster. Henry Makow broke up with Jeff Rense because the latter wanted to blame it on a nuclear industry conspiracy instead of a Zionist Illuminati conspiracy.

Hugo Chavez claimed that the United States had an earthquake weapon that caused the Haiti quake. Alex Jones' site Prison Planet however blamed Israel for the Haiti earthquake apparently just in order to get some good publicity by bringing in aid.

It's not clear how earthquakes happened before the rebirth of Israel. Were they somehow natural events? Or did the Zionists always have an earthquake machine in the basement somewhere?

There's just no way to know.

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