Is Harry Reid the Manchurian Candidate?

Reid took an intense interest in pushing through visas for dozens of shady Asian investors


With the current Washington Times story out on how Harry Reid intervened to pressure visa approvals for some his son's Chinese investors, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit recalls that this isn't a first for Reid.

In December 2010 it was revealed that top democrats, including Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), helped a Chinese firm get stimulus cash for a wind farm. Top Democratic fundraisers with links to the White House were behind a proposed wind farm in Texas that stood to get $450 million in stimulus money, even though a Chinese company would operate the farm and its turbines would be built in China. The farm’s backers also had close ties with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his campaign received thousands of dollars in donations from the wind farm’s backers.

Then last year it was a Chinese solar firm linked to his son.

Now Reid is pushing for a Chinese company he played a key role in recruiting to Nevada, ENN Mojave Energy LLC. The company plans a billion-dollar solar energy manufacturing and generating plant near Laughlin, but an ambitious development schedule is being threatened by a lack of green power customers.

There’s another factor, however, one more personal to Reid: His son, Rory Reid, is one of the attorneys for the ENN Mojave Energy project.

And this year, we're back with the corrupt Reid clan in China.

 Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid took an intense interest in pushing through visas for dozens of shady Asian investors for a Las Vegas casino represented by his son, Rory Reid, documents and reports show.

Despite early pressure from Mr. Reid’s staff, career officials inside the Department of Homeland Security initially turned down the SLS Hotel on the grounds that it failed to meet the criteria for expedited review. The decision, dated Dec. 17, 2012, stated flatly that “there is no appeal or reconsideration of this decision.”

But that simply prompted Mr. Reid to personally reach out to the top official at USCIS, Alejandro “Ali” Mayorkas, setting into motion a process that consumed top political officials inside the Homeland Security and Commerce departments and ultimately resulted in a ruling that granted expedited status to the hotel over the objections of career officials.

Within a few short weeks of Mr. Reid’s personal intervention, the decision not to expedite the visas was reversed, allowing the hotel to secure major funding from JP Morgan Chase.

Only Harry Reid can go to China. Or China can come to him for a private meeting.

Two days after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Chinese President Hu Jintao a "dictator" on a Nevada talk show, the two men met face to face in the Capitol on Thursday morning.

In his comments Tuesday, Reid said that Hu "is a dictator. He can do a lot of things through the form of government they have."

Journalists covering the congressional meeting were told by staff that the two men would not take questions during a photo opportunity, and that reporters were expected to adhere to journalistic standards and codes of ethics, or risk being ejected from the room.

Nonetheless, one reporter did manage to ask what business Reid "expected to get done with a man he had called a dictator." Neither Hu nor Reid responded.

One wonders what business indeed he can get done. Or maybe we should ask his son.