US Muslim Tried to Kill Wife Because Divorce is "Culturally Unacceptable"

In Islam killing your wife is more culturally acceptable than divorcing her.


In Islamic cultures killing your wife is apparently more culturally acceptable than divorcing her. But who are we to judge their culture?

Hader Nasim walked out of a courtroom Friday stone-faced, his hands cuffed behind his back; a seven-years-to-life prison sentence on his head.

Nasim’s mother wrote one of a couple dozen letters to the court on behalf of her son. She said the University of California, Davis, electrical engineering graduate “worked very hard” and was “determined to build a better life for all of us.” His father said in his letter that Nasim was a “loving, calm person.”

I'm just going to go ahead and blame Islamophobia right now even without knowing any further details.

Family of Nasim say they believe it's all a big misunderstanding while police say he asked for his wife to be killed 'immediately' in exchange for money.

This is like the time that Charles Manson tried to make some music and police said he killed a bunch of people. You just don't know whom to believe.

According to family his wife, who has not been named, was his second arranged marriage and was most recently reported pregnant by police.

Second arranged marriage out of Pakistan ends badly. How unexpected.

In their talk, Nasim gave the phony hit man a description of his wife, told him what kind of clothes she’d be wearing, provided him with a pattern of her morning walks in the Valley Hi area, and where and at what time and how it would be best to kill her.

“Yeah, like you run her over, she’s on the ground, you back up on her, and you just stay on top of her,” Nasim instructed.

What got Gilliard the most was the part when the undercover officer asked how badly he should disfigure the wife, and whether Nasim wanted her presentable for an open-casket funeral.

“Surprise me,” Nasim said.

“That is a window into the mind of Mr. Hader Nasim, and it is frightening,” the judge said.

But wait... don't judge him yet. He had a perfectly valid cultural reason.

Nasim wanted his wife dead because they were having marital difficulties, and he’d already been through one divorce and another would have been culturally unacceptable for him.

Nasim worked in his family’s stores and helped manage their properties. Gilliard acknowledged that he “presents as a doting, faithful, loving son,” that he “was an active member of his mosque” and that he looked like “a pillar of the community, and he certainly was.”

A pillar of a mosque. You don't say. No one would have expected a Pakistani Muslim who likes mosques to try and kill his wife.