Kerry Gives $16 Million to Vietnam to Fight Global Warming

Now let's cut military pensions so we can keep giving money to Vietnam.


It's a step up. At least Kerry is no longer helping Vietnam fight America. And unlike Jane Fonda, Hanoi John is giving actual money. Sure it's not his money, but it's the V.C. thought that counts.

“Decades ago on these very waters, I was one of many who witnessed the difficult period in our shared history,” Kerry told a group of young professionals gathered near a dock at the riverfront village of Kien Vang.

“Today on these waters I am bearing witness to how far our two nations have come together and we are talking about the future and that’s the way it ought to be,” he said.

That future, especially for the water-dependent economy of the millions who live in the Mekong Delta, is in jeopardy, he said.

Kerry pledged $17 million to a program that will help the region’s rice producers, shrimp and crab farmers and fisherman adapt to potential changes caused by higher sea levels that bring salt water into the delicate ecosystem.

Good work John. Now let's cut military pensions and health care so we can afford to keep on funding the war against Global Warming in 'Nam.