Muslim Abusers Dressed 15-Year-Old Girl in Burka to Hide Broken Nose

The abuse was known to some Muslims

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The controversy over the Burka is often framed by Muslims as a civil rights issue. It is indeed a civil rights issue because the Burka is not only a form of abuse, it also covers up abuse as we see once again in this case from New Zealand.

A teenage girl police believe was beaten at home was forced to hide her facial injuries behind a burqa, while members of the Muslim community are alleged to have hushed up the abuse.

Her injuries included a broken nose, damaged teeth and extensive bruising. Police claim the 15-year-old was subjected to sustained physical abuse from at least one family member over two or more months.

The abuse was known to some Muslims in the Auckland region, who chose not to report it, they claim.

When officers visited her home, the girl was allegedly instructed by family members to cover up with a burqa that left only her eyes exposed...

How convenient. Back in 2010, I wrote an article, Banning the Burka to Protect Women, in which I warned that,

Their idea of honor is irretrievably linked to control. Control over women to protect family honor and their own self-image. Control over outsiders to maintain the status of family and faith. And a constant expansion of that control is needed to reassure them of their honor. So the Jihad moves forward in the West. Women must cover their faces. And then even one eye. And there is no end to it. Never any end to it.

The Burqa is a tool of dehumanization and control. It is part of the larger Jihad, which is not just about terrorism, but about the complete subjugation of the entire world and everyone in it, to Sharia. Islamic law. In order to reaffirm Islam and the tribal honor of Muslims.

The mistake the officers made was respect the Burka in the name of multiculturalism and by doing so, they perpetuated the brutal torture of a teenage girl.

muslim feminism