Center for American Progress Uses Drag Queens to Promote ObamaCare

Obama is chasing gays for the same reason that he's chasing young invincibles.

Wednesday-Night-Tea-2 Sic transit Gloria Obamacare

Quick. What's less off-putting than George Soros and ObamaCare? Men in dresses. When your product is this toxic, then anything off-putting but less toxic, counts as promotion.

So the Center for American Progress, our actual government of liberal billionaires that uses Obama as their hand puppet, is desperately trying to salvage ObamaCare by putting on a show. A drag show.

As a critical deadline for signing up for insurance under President Obama’s health-care law approaches, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community has emerged as a major target for the White House and outside groups.

A disproportionate number of LGBT Americans are uninsured and qualify for federal premium subsidies to help buy coverage, and the administration is intensifying its efforts to get them enrolled before the end of the year.

Nope. Gay incomes are three to five times that of normal Americans. Few of them are going to be eligible for subsidies.

The reason that Obama is chasing men in dresses is because they avoid insurance since they earn more and are more likely to work freelance. And a lot less likely to have families.

Obama is chasing gays for the same reason that he's chasing young invincibles. He needs them to subsidize his program.

There are several reasons for this disparity, among them that same-sex partners often don’t qualify as family members for employer-based insurance plans and that individuals sometimes lose coverage when they are fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

That's a lot of people being fired. Does the Washington Post really believe the nonsense it prints?

Meanwhile, several outside groups are pitching in for the LGBT outreach, including Out2Enroll, a collaboration among the Sellers Dorsey Foundation, the Center for American Progress (CAP) and the Federal Agencies Project.

Some of the pitches are decidedly less conventional. Wednesday Night Tea, a drag show in Shreveport, La., has started promoting the health-care law as part of its act. And Out2Enroll is launching a social media campaign this week that will have “naughty” elements as well as holiday cheer, according to Kellan Baker, associate director of the LGBT Research and Communications Project at CAP.

Obama and his backers have been reduced to sponsoring drag acts. That's a step down even from Colorado's desperately pathetic efforts to interest young people with their Bro ads and underwear models.

The Wednesday Night Tea cast, of "the ever-lovely Vanessa LeRoux, Feenyx Styles, The Ladi Phat Kat (who recently placed 7th at the National Miss USofA Pageant At-Large), Mya Andrews, and Jax Hannigan – is also working on videos that will be posted on our YouTube page. These videos will focus on the need for insurance, the issues our cast has faced because they were uninsured".

Apparently it's hard to get insurance when your job consists of living out a bad imitation of the last days of the Weimar Republic.

And if you're still not convinced, there's a Tumblr that looks like brain damage in action. The motto is "We're here, we're queer and we want coverage."

And if the drag act doesn't work, they can always auction off a date with Obama.