Obama Picks Fired Husband of Dem Congresswoman to Fix Healthcare.gov

Obama picked the company of his wife's friend to build the site


Obama picked the company of his wife's friend to build the site for a mere nine figures. So it makes sense to bring in the husband of a Democratic congresswoman to fix it.

What happened to Cash-for-Clunkers wunderkind Jeff Zients who was already supposed to fix it? Uhh he fixed it already. Now, like every other ObamaFailure (TM) he's being promoted upstairs.

The White House is tapping the private sector for its next point man to fix the troubled Obamacare website.

Obama's idea of tapping the private sector is appoint a Microsoft executive married to a Democratic congresswoman.

Zients is poised to become the director of the National Economic Council next year, forcing the administration to quickly find his replacement.

He was appointed 5 minutes ago and already he's being promoted. How impressive.

DelBene was most recently the president of the Microsoft Office Division and has been with the company since 1992. He is also the husband of freshman Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.).

Private sector FTW. But let's have a little more context.

DelBene's appointment was also announced by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a blog posting. He starts his new job with the Obama administration later this week, a spokesman for Rep. Suzan DelBene's office said. DelBene's retirement as head of Microsoft's Office division was announced in July as part of a reorganization at the software giant.

A Microsoft spokesman said DelBene's last day at the company was Monday.

That sounds like Kurt DelBene was pushed out by Microsoft's reorganization and his wife got him a nice new job.

DelBene was president of the Microsoft Office Division and his exit was described as a "surprise" by several former Microsoft employees we talked to. He was well-liked within Microsoft, they said.

Some people speculated that DelBene opted to retire because there was no role for him in the new reorganization.


CEO Steve Ballmer took a big chance with this reorg and wiped all the "mini-CEO roles" where chiefs like DelBene were responsible for all aspects of their units. Instead, Ballmer created new engineering units to create products, making other executives responsible for finance/marketing.

Kurt DelBene is also on the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago, so Obama Inc. is still keeping it in the family. And how did his wife get elected? Money. She spent millions on the races, self-financing her campaign. And now her hubby gets a post-retirement government job.

Isn't liberalism wonderful?