Obama Frees Crack Dealer Who Took 5-Year-Old Along to Sell Crack

Gilbert sold crack with his five-year-old daughter in the back seat

showbiz_barack_obama_bruce_springsteen_jay_z Obama with supporter/self-confessed crack dealer Jay-Z

While Obama conspires to lock people up for things like collecting rainwater and sends in his stormtroopers to raid guitar factories that use wood not finished by Indian workers, he's freeing crack dealers from prison. The ex-cokehead-in-chief would have a special soft spot for coke dealers.

Clarence Aaron was charged with intent to distribute 24 kilos of crack cocaine in the 90s (approximately $400,000 street value today.) Aaron became a cause celeb for pro-crime liberals because he was sentenced to life in prison. Now Obama has heard the voice of the ACLU and set him free.

Other solid citizens and future Obama voters pardoned by him include... Ezell Gilbert

Gilbert, now 41, who has a criminal record that goes back to his late teen years, was observed by Tampa police on a stakeout, dealing drugs in a high-crime neighborhood in Tampa in October 1995.   He was arrested after two customers apparently bought crack from him in the front seat of the car Gilbert was driving, while his five-year-old daughter, Keidra was in the back seat.  He ultimately pleaded guilty to trafficking in crack cocaine and marijuana.

The crimes ordinarily would have meant that Gilbert could be sentenced to between 151 and 188 months, but prosecutors sought to have him sentenced as a “career offender” under federal Sentencing Guidelines, because he had two prior felony convictions for drugs or violent crimes.  In his case, the prior crimes were a 1990 state conviction for distributing cocaine and a 1994 state conviction for carrying a concealed weapon.

Now thanks to Obama, our pal is back on the streets again.