Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer Come Out Against Iran Sanctions

"Coincidentally" neither Boxer nor Feinstein are up for election in 2014.


Ten top Senate Democrats have written a letter coming out against further sanctions on Iran. They include Tom Harkin, Ron Wyden, Carl Levin, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein.

Ten Senate Committee Chairs have written a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid urging against further sanctions against Iran at this time. And Reid will undoubtedly use the letter as a weapon to try to keep a vote on new sanctions from reaching the Senate floor.

"Coincidentally" neither Boxer nor Feinstein are up for election in 2014. Levin is finally retiring in 2015 so he's free to show whatever of his true colors he hasn't shown beforehand. Harkin is also retiring.

Leahy and Mikulski aren't up in 2014 either. So this is a list of senators who are free to do what they like now, because they aren't going to be held accountable for it until they have a chance to lie about it.

Senator Menendez isn't up in 2014 either, but he's been pushing the Iran issue hard. Since he has no realistic presidential ambitions, it's safe to say that his position is legitimate.

Meanwhile Obama is threatening to veto any Iran sanctions bill forcing Democrats to choose between protecting him and protecting themselves.