Center for American Progress Tried to Sell Access to Hillary for $250K

... but what difference does it make anyway?

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Just think for only $250,00 you could have had the chance to ask Hillary why she chose to blow millions on bad art instead of Benghazi security. But  the Center for American Progress proved to be too inept to be able to deliver to Hillary.

The liberal Center for American Progress (CAP) this year promised corporate donors a chance to meet Hillary Rodham Clinton in return for a $250,000 donation, documents obtained by The Hill show.

Wait... doesn't CAP keep demanding to get corporate money out of politics? Except when they're pimping out Hillary Clinton for a quarter of a million to corporate donors.

The meeting never happened, though Clinton spoke at the anniversary gala at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium that was cited on the solicitation.

“None of the patrons were able to meet with Secretary Clinton but our board and trustees did meet with her at the event,” said Andrea Purse, a CAP spokeswoman.

Like Hillary Clinton, the Center for American Progress will take your money but won't keep its promises. So they don't even meet the definition of honest politicians.

But the board and trustees, who donated even more, got their 30 seconds with Ready for Hillary.

The documents ask prospective donors to contribute to CAP’s “Progressive Party,” which was held Oct. 24 to honor the group’s 10th anniversary. Donors who gave at least $250,000 — earning “patron” status — were told they would have a chance to meet Clinton.

“Patrons will also have the opportunity to meet the special guest speaker,” the document says, referring to the former secretary of State.

The group reported holding more than $42 million in net assets on its 2012 tax form — 90 percent of which comes from individuals and foundations, according to CAP. Donors in 2013 included Apple, Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Comcast/NBCUniversal, Eli Lilly, Facebook, GE, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Northrup Grumman, T-Mobile and Wal-Mart.

If only there were some way of getting corporate money out of politics... but what difference does it make anyway?