81 School Unions Decertified in Wisconsin Union Votes

16,977 government workers did not vote in favor of their union.


Why was Judge Juan Colas so desperate to block school workers from voting?

Two unions had sued the state over having to hold the recertification elections and Colas ruled in their favor. WERC then went ahead with planning elections for unions not involved in the lawsuit. Colas claimed his ruling applied statewide and found the commissioners in contempt.

The State Supreme Court ruled that Colas was wrong on Thursday, November 21st and lifted the contempt order. WERC voted the next day to go ahead with the elections under the new timeline.

Because the results were a union decertification massacre.

A closer look at the results of the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC) recertification elections show that 16,977 government workers did not vote in favor of their union.

In total, government workers rejected 81 school district unions during the recertification elections that ended on Thursday.

AFSCME Local 60 Council 40, including support staff in the Sun Prairie School District, was the largest union to be decertified. Only 135 of the 367 members voted to recertify.

Substitute teachers with the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association also decertified with 128 of 320 members voting for the union.

There were 22 actual teachers unions that decertified. The largest included New Berlin, Menomonee Falls, Pewaukee, Berlin, Waterford.

Why are the results this ugly? One reason is that younger teachers have little stake in a teachers' union system geared toward seniority and professional activists.