Obama Throws Pajama Boy Under the Bus

There's no one that Obama won't throw under the bus.

obama_mirror_pajama_boy I never liked you anyway

Alas poor Pajama Boy, dedicated OFA volunteer, there's no one that Obama won't throw under the bus. Including you.

They seem to have just thought of this in the past 24 hours -- see, they didn't really think Pajamaboy was cool or anything. They actually intended Pajamaboy to be a negative image, like "This is what people who don't sign up with Obamacare look like."

So they're now claiming -- like, two weeks too late for this to be plausible -- that Pajamaboy was always intended as the Goofus, not as the Gallant, of health insurance status.

“Don’t be this guy sitting around in his pajamas,” a Democratic official told First Read said of the message, who requested anonymity to talk freely. “Have a conversation, and get health care. And it’s poking fun at that” idea of doing nothing.

They used Pajamaboy a lot, over the course of two months, in various OFA "get enrolled" messages. In none of these messages did they signal that Pajamaboy was the guy you don't want to be.

But even Pajamaboy -- even Pajamaboy!!! -- gets thrown under the bus by Obama when his polls go down.

The actual ad had a pretty simple message...


"How do you plan to spend the cold days of December? Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about getting health insurance."

If there was any doubt whatsoever that Obama Inc. was trying to say that only talking about insurance and not getting it was a bad thing, the hashtag for the whole thing is #GetTalking.

Pajama Boy is the hot chocolate drinking, pajama wearing, ObamaCare talking poster man-child for ObamaCare.

Now this doesn't really matter. The ad strategy behind Pajama Boy is a small thing compared to millions of people losing their health insurance due to ObamaCare, but it shows that Obama Inc. is run by compulsive liars who lie casually, frequently and shamelessly.

Not just about the big things... but about the little ones too.


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