Beheader of British Soldier Converts to Islam a Second Time in Prison

"He said that he didn’t believe in the Koran and had reverted to being a Christian."


Prison is a great time to catch up on your shank-making skills and convert to Islam. Even if you already converted to Islam and ended up in prison because converting to Islam turned you into a killer, you can always convert a second time. And then maybe a third time.

Because you've got all the time in the world.

Adebowale and Adebolajo, the two killers of British soldier Lee Rigby, did their thing in court where they claimed to be soldiers of Allah and kissed a Koran.

But then one of the converts to Islam didn't take too well to prison life.

A source said: “Adebowale just flipped out when he got to prison. He began having severe psychotic episodes, one of which led to him renouncing Islam. He told staff that he didn’t believe in the Koran anymore and that he had reverted to being a Christian."

“Adebolajo was incensed that he was wobbling badly and kept on at him when they met during daily exercise. He kept telling him, ‘You are a soldier of Islam’ and must keep the faith."

"Over the weeks he brainwashed him again. Adebowale finally picked up his Koran again and started daily prayers.”

If you're part of a psychotic ideology that tells you to kill people, can anything which temporarily snaps you out of it really be considered a psychotic episode?