Turkey: Erdogan Says Erdogan Should Step Down

550 police officers, including senior commanders, had been dismissed


Unfortunately Erdogan has chosen not to listen to Erdogan's advice even though Erdogan is a member of his own cabinet.

These two Erdogans are not the same person. Erdogan Bayraktar, the Environment Minister, one of three ministers to resign over a corruption probe, said that Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the country's brutal Islamist Prime Minister, should resign.

That's a major breach in the solidarity of the Erdogan regime. Erdogan was supposed to take a hit for Team Islam. Instead he left while strongly suggesting that his bayonet mosque was responsible and should have resigned.

Erdogan Bayraktar, the environment minister, said the prime minister should also step down, in the television interview in which he confirmed he was quitting.

He said a great proportion of the construction contracts being investigated by the police were approved by his boss.

“For the sake of the wellbeing of this nation and country, I want to express my belief that the esteemed prime minister should also resign,” Mr Bayraktar said.

The investigation focuses on a find of the equivalent of $4.5 million (£2.75 million) found stashed in shoe boxes in the home of the chief executive of the state-run Halkbank. Among the at least 25 people arrested were Salih Khan, the son of the economy minister, Zafer Caglayan, and Baris Guler, the son of the interior minister, Muammer Guler, in whose house a further $1 million (£600,000) was found.

Erdogan is about as likely to voluntarily resign as Stalin was. So he's doing the usual things, going after the police who are investigating his crimes and blaming the United States.

Erdogan, in a speech to members of his ruling party today, described the probe as “an ugly conspiracy.” He said the party has a “tough stance on corruption” and called on Turks to maintain their trust in his government.

Yes, one of those vast conspiracies. The last time he detected one of those, he locked up half the officers in Turkey. But if he locks up all the cops in Turkey, who will do the locking up?

Qatar's Special Forces just aren't that big.

The 14-month probe was conducted largely in secret. At the weekend, the Erdogan government changed regulations for the police, requiring officers to report evidence, investigations, arrests and complaints to commanding officers and prosecutors. Crime reporters have further been banned from police stations.

Hurriyet newspaper said as many as 550 police officers, including senior commanders, had been dismissed nationwide by Guler over the last week.

Guler would be one of the ministers who just resigned.

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