Pro-Crime Liberal Politician Beaten Up by 2 Black Women over iPhone

"As mayor, I will support a rigorous police conduct review process."


What might have made the perps think that Mark Andrew was "easy pickings"? Maybe it was his record.

The runner-up in the Minneapolis mayoral election is recovering after being robbed and brutally beaten Thursday night at the Mall of America.

Mark Andrew, 63, was at a Starbucks inside the mall at around 7 p.m. Thursday when a man grabbed his phone off his table and ran off.

When Andrew went after him, he was tackled by two teenage girls – aged 18 and 17 — one of which began beating him with a billy club. During the attack, they told Andrew, “We’re going to kill you,” police say.

Andrew was left with a large gash on his head that required nine stitches. He has since been released from the hospital.

Andrew said Friday that he chased after the thief, because he’s not a bystander by nature.

“If somebody is gonna do that to me or somebody else, I’m not a bystander by nature I’ll go in and fight,” he said.  'I was targeted because the phone was out and I'm 63 years old, and I'm sure they thought that I was easy pickins.'

Mr Andrew says it took about five minutes for police to arrive and that hundreds of shoppers witnessed the incident, but no one intervened because 'they were too afraid' and he called that a 'sad commentary'.

It's a sad commentary, but it's a sad commentary on the society that his ideology created. Andrew is a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party and is an environmentalist "entrepreneur". He pushed environmental mandates non-stop.

And worse still, Mark Andrew was a supporter of illegal alien amnesty and pushed for Somali support.

Abdi Warsame, a Somali candidate for City Council in Ward 6, said Mark Andrew met with Somalis very early in the campaign season — before the other candidates, before the DFL caucus, even before Andrew officially announced his candidacy.

Mohamud Noor is also an adviser for Andrew's campaign. Noor previously served as campaign co-chair for candidate Gary Schiff, and he currently works as executive director of the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, which provides immigrants with resettlement services. Noor said he met with Andrew several times one-on-one, eventually becoming Andrew’s campaign co-chair for outreach several months ago.

Somali Public Radio, an outlet that broadcasts to 5,000 listeners in Somalia and the Twin Cities, endorsed Andrew in a statement on Oct. 5. The Editorial Board praised Andrew’s “bold understanding of East African issues, his support for rigorous police conduct review and his emphasis on sustainability, equity and economic development.”

Police conduct review? You don't say.

Mark Andrew, former Hennepin County Commissioner and founder of GreenMark, said most officers serve the city well. But the spate of racist incidents this summer by some officers is disturbing and inexcusable, he said.

"As mayor, I will support a rigorous police conduct review process that includes an active role for the community, as well as provides a place for the community and police to review complaints together,” Andrew said.

There's no proof that Andrew faced an attack by Somalis, who are a major problem in Minneapolis. But Somalis have been notorious for iPhone thefts. Two of the perps who attacked Andrew are unnamed. The one who is old enough to be named has a Somali, rather than African-American look, but an African-American name.

But whoever his attackers were, Mark Andrew ended up on the receiving end of the consequences of his pro-crime and pro-illegal immigration policies.