Gay Anti-Israel Buddhist Claims Pajama Boy Critics are Anti-Semitic


Jay Michaelson, a gay Buddhist of Jewish descent, has taken to the pages of the Forward to warn that if you don't like Pajama Boy, you're an Anti-Semite.

Arguably the State of Israel is a better barometer for antisemitism than Pajama Boy, a creepy Obama-loving manchild. But considering that Jay Michaelson is not exactly a fan of Israel, you can see why he would rather use Pajama Boy as the measure instead.

A few weeks before penning for "Leave Pajama Boy Alone" screed, Jay Michaelson wrote that Israel was worse than South Africa.

By 1996, Israel and South Africa were on radically different courses. Mandela was president of a united South Africa, Netanyahu prime minister of a divided Israel. As far as Israel and Palestine are concerned, the situation today is not so different. Yet South Africa has grown, despite enormous challenges and persistent social inequality, into a free and democratic state.

No amount of Israel advocacy can change mathematics. Unless Israel changes its policies, it will soon be quite similar to South Africa in the 1980s, and it’s hard to see why it won’t follow white South Africa’s road to extinction.

While Jay Michaelson can't see anything anti-semitic about demented ravings of that sort about the Jewish State by a gay Buddhist who wouldn't survive 5 minutes in Hamastan, he does see anti-semitism in anyone who dislikes Pajama Boy.

"Yes, Virginia, Pajama Boy is a member of the tribe. Look at him. Pale Ashkenazic skin, Jew-fro’d black curls, Woody Allen specs. Even the smart-ass expression on his face screams of the Wise Son from the Passover Seder," Michaelson writes. "Parenthetically, the model himself is one Ethan Krupp, an Organizing for America staffer who is, in fact, Jewish. But whether Krupp himself is circumcised or not, Pajama Boy is semiotically Jewish, even stereotypically so."

Pajama Boy doesn't look particularly Jewish. He does look particularly hipsterish. Plenty of people have compared him to Leonard from Big Bang Theory played by actor Johnny Galecki of Polish, Irish and Italian descent.

In fact, Pajama Boy stands at a centuries-old nexus of anti-Semitism and misogyny. As scholars including Sander Gilman and Daniel Boyarin have shown, Jewish men have been accused of being unmanly for hundreds of years – including by other Jews, such as the early Zionists, whose muscular Judaism was a direct response to diaspora Jewish emasculation.

If you're following Jay Michaelson's mental breakdown, Zionists are anti-semites for accusing him of not being masculine enough.

Whether or not the Pajama-Boy bashers are unconsciously anti-Semitic or not, I don’t know. Consciously, they are against everything “Judaism” stands for, at least as construed by its enemies: outsiderness, cosmopolitanism, liberalism, a progressive rather than nativist agenda,

That's actually not what Judaism stands for. Not that Jay Michaelson would know what Judaism stands for since he isn't Jewish.

A well known “BuJu” or Buddhist Jew, Jay’s contemplative path includes Theravadan Buddhism, post-denominational Judaism, and earth-based spirituality.

In short, Jay Michaelson is a Buddhist of Jewish descent who is lecturing Pajama Boy critics on being anti-semites. As a Pajama Boy critic who, unlike Michaelson, actually is Jewish, can I just ask the honorable gentleman from Gay Buddhistan to stick to debating issues of relevance to gay Buddhists and stay out of our backyard.

Now if Jay wants to argue that conservatives hate Pajama Boy because he is a stereotypical gay Buddhist, he's welcome to it.

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