Racist Muslim Soccer Player Nicolas Anelka Lies to Explain Quenelle Islamofascist Salute

The 34-year-old insists he was not being racist


Nicolas Anelka is a Muslim soccer player (football for those of you outside the United States). He is a pal of Dieudonné, a violently racist Muslim comedian, who invented the ‘quenelle’. The quenelle is a version of the Nazi salute modified for Islamofascist purposes and aimed at French Jews.

It's a stupid looking gesture that makes anyone doing it look they just came down with tennis elbow. No one would pay attention to it if functioned as anything except a provocation and a provocation works when you pay attention it. So the whole point of the quenelle is to pretend you have a tennis elbow around Jews or to get your picture taken that way at some public event.

Anelka did the quenelle on the field to support Dieudonné who says things like, "Gas chambers, too bad they don't exist anymore."

So there have been condemnations and protests and all the usual things. In his defense, Nicolas Anelka began telling a series of crazy lies.

However, the 34-year-old insists he was not being racist but made the gesture in support of his friend, comedian Dieudonne. ‘This gesture was just a special dedication to my comedian friend Dieudonné,’

That's like saying you were only doing a Nazi salute because you really like a Nazi, not because you're a Nazi. Nicolas Anelka could have paused it there, but then he really brought on the stupid.


It's doubtful that Anelka was so cut off from pop culture that he didn't know what Obama and Jay-Z were doing. And his own followers began telling him.

@anelkaofficiel totalement hors sujet, c'est pour la chanson de Jay Z "Dirt off your shoulder" , c'est pas le geste de #Dieudonné

— Lunise Marquis (@luniseMarquis) December 29, 2013


You don't need to understand French for that one. Obama and Jay-Z and company were also doing something stupid, but it wasn't a Nazi salute, it was Jay-Z's dirt off your shoulders dance. Stupid, yes. Nazi, no.

Here's Prince William doing it.


You can sort of mistake one for the other sometimes, though not really, but Anelka never denied doing the quenelle. Instead he stupidly tried to claim Obama was doing it.

The trouble with the quenelle, aside from the anti-semitism and the Islamofascism, is that it looks really stupid. It's a really pathetic attempt at a gang sign which only works because people are supposed to get angry over it.


Is there any universe in which these two guys don't look like idiots? From their point of view their saving grace is that they're being offensive by being anti-semitic.

But if your incredibly offensive anti-semitic gesture looks like you came down with tennis elbow, you should probably rethink it.