Prison to Fort Hood Jihadist: "You're a Grown Man. Act Like it."

"Being given instructions to make your bed is nowhere near a threat."


Muslim Fort Hood terrorist Nidal Hasan who carried out the Fort Hood Massacre ran up quite a tab while in prison.

Galligan believes many of the things the government did in the name of security were an excessive use of taxpayer money, including the nearly $200,000 spent on daily helicopter rides to ferry Hasan from the jail to Fort Hood.

The Army also spent tens of thousands of dollars setting up a private Fort Hood office for Hasan, who insisted on representing himself at trial, where he could prepare his own defense.

Records obtained by NBC 5 Investigates show nearly $5 million dollars in expenses, millions in travel for government lawyers, fees paid to expert witnesses, vehicles and cell phones purchased  and major security renovations at the base.

But it wasn't good enough. Nidal Hasan's handwritten requests reveal a severe case of jailhouse lawyer entitlement.And at one point the Muslim mass murdering doctor lectures prison staff that they are "practicing punitive medicine."

Aside from the widely reported demands to know where his cheese was coming from, (it proved to be Baccio mozzarella... made with "a kiss of buffalo milk") and repeatedly demanded a clock and wanted to keep his cell at exactly 70 degrees.

Hasan repeatedly complained that he wasn't notified so that he could turn over every two hours and there were constant issues with his bowel movements, with the crippled Palestinian Muslim terrorist apparently refusing to use the toilet and using a trash can instead.

The back and forth exchanges between Nidal Hasan and the prison reveal growing exasperation by the prison staff with the privileged terrorist.

Hasan's repeated demands for temperature regulation is turned down after medical staff state that it's not a legitimate issue. Hasan's request for an Imam is turned down as he is told that the prison is not obligated to provide him with an Imam, only to allow one to see him if he wants to.

In one message, Nidal Hasan demands that "defecated material" be removed, only to be told curtly, "I request that you properly evacuate your bowel... you know how to do it properly and after 19 days... do what you are supposed to do Major Hasan."

Another response angrily tells the Muslim serial killer, "This was not an issue for you in the first two weeks of your incarceration when you were conducting your bowel movements as you were instructed."

Finally Hasan is told, "You are not going to use a garbage can in the jail. Do as you were instructed, you're a grown man, act like it."

In another message, he is told, "Being given instructions to make your bed or change your linens is nowhere near a threat, it is an order from your doctor. You need to follow orders, Major."

I imagine this probably was not the martyrdom afterlife that the self-proclaimed Soldier of Allah was expecting where 72 virgins and young boys would wait on his every wish.

With little to occupy his time, Hasan continues escalating his demands while the prison staff make it obvious that they are sick of dealing with the Muslim mass murderer.

"Good morning. I would just like reiterate that warming up the cell before taking a temperature of 74 is not a good way to take the avg temperature. I would request a thermometer (or equivalent) to take the avg temp throughout the day, " Hasan writes.

The prison's response. "This is not taking place, Hasan." It sounds even better if you say it in a Schwarzenegger accent.

Hasan also claimed that his "privileged" files were being read, even though his defense consisted of claiming allegiance to the Taliban and rejecting the United States Constitution.