Kerry Says US/Vietnam is Example for Israel/Palestinians

Do the the Israelis evacuate to Massachusetts?


How does this model end exactly? With the Israelis evacuating 9,000 miles away to Massachusetts and then running for president on a platform of military service while overlooking their medal hurling Olympics?

Kerry's ignoble behavior worked out really well for him. It didn't work out too well for Americans or the free Vietnamese who were left behind.

Maybe the Israelis would like to rethink listening to any peace proposals from a man who betrayed his own country and now suggests that his position on a US/Vietnam relationship, which destroyed a free Vietnam, should be a model for destroying Israel.

Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA: I honestly had to wait to see the transcript because I could not believe my ears. But there it is.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry citing Vietnam as an example. Here is what he said:

"On a personal level, last month I traveled to Vietnam on my first visit there as Secretary of State. And the transformation in our relationship – I was a young soldier who fought there – the transformation in our relationship is proof that as painful as the past can be, through hard work of diplomacy history’s adversaries can actually become partners for a new day and history’s challenges can become opportunities for a new age."

The only reason there's a partnership is because Vietnam is afraid of China and the United States remained a world power despite everything Kerry and his comrades could do. Now he and Obama are bringing America to its knees.

But how exactly is that going to work for Israel?