Burkas Are the New Ski Masks for Criminals

“They had the whole-body Muslim garb,” the Collingdale Police Chief said.


Walking down the street while wearing a ski mask is suspicious unless you're in the middle of a blizzard. But if you walk down the street in a Burka, no one is supposed to notice unless they're an Islamophobe.

So Burkas are the new outfit of choice for criminals. That moves it up for being the outfit of choice by the Muslim husbands of abused women.

There have been several Burka bank robberies and now a Burka convenience store robbery. Unfortunately the owner was not only an Islamophobe, but also a Robberphobe and Redistributionphobe.

 “They had the whole-body Muslim garb,” Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams said. “They came in with the gun and pointed it for a holdup.”

Galiano, faced with the incongruous image of a male dressed in female Muslim garb waving a gun around, decided to make use of one of the many firearms at his disposal.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Adams said of the attempted robbery. “He carries a gun and it’s right out there in the open. He pulled it out and shot.”

Cops say Galiano fired one shot at the teens, ages 15 and 17. Neither was struck, but the .45-caliber blast apparently made them see the error of their ways. They ran from the store.

One of the teens hopped onto the SEPTA Route 114 bus toward Chester and tried unsuccessfully to hide in the back. Police apprehended him and found the silver handgun on the floor of the bus.

The other teen was arrested behind a trolley stop, covered in mud and sweating profusely.

Just because you dress up like one of Mohammed's wives, doesn't mean you can get away with robbing people like he did.


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