Colorado Loses $85 Million a Year Over Dem Gun Control Jihad

I hope that Bloomberg money was worth it.

Josh Westerlund

I hope that Bloomberg money was worth it. Unlike Magpul, Bloomberg isn't going to be opening up shop in Colorado.

Democrats came under heavy criticism Friday for driving Magpul Industries out of Colorado by pushing an aggressive gun-control agenda, a move that could cost the state more than $80 million annually.

Officials at Magpul, which makes polymer firearms accessories, announced Thursday that the company will move its corporate headquarters to Texas and its manufacturing facility to Wyoming. Both are now based in Erie, Colo.

The relocation comes as a result of a measure signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper in March that limits ammunition-magazine capacity to 15 rounds. Magpul is among the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against the law.

Prior to the signing, Magpul officials told state officials that the company contributes more than $85 million annually to Colorado’s economy. The company employs 200 people and supports another 400 supply-chain jobs.

Colorado has a 6.8% unemployment rate. Texas has a 6.2% unemployment rate. Wyoming has a 4.2% unemployment rate. I wonder why that is.

The civilian labor force in Colorado has kept on falling. So clearly this is the time to dump more people out of the workforce over a liberal values issue.