While Obama Negotiates with Iran, Iran Cracks Down on Christians

“Conditions are at levels not seen since the early years of the revolution."


Obama's sanctions relief for the Islamic terror state has brought Western businessmen flooding into the country eager to cash in.

“Airplanes to Iran are now full of Italians, including managers from Italian energy company Eni. France is also on the move. In a deal worth billions, the French are about to renew their licensing contract for supplying Peugeot components to Iranian car-maker Iran Khodro. And the Americans are there with ExxonMobil, Chevron Corporation and other companies. They are responsible for renovating the old oil production facilities and refinery industry, as well as exploring new oil fields. That’s a huge multibillion-euro business.”

While Iran makes it clear that it will continue expanding its nuclear program, Obama Inc. continues to reject sanctions against it.

And Iran, like so many of Obama's newfound Islamic allies, is repaying the favor by increasing its crackdown on Christians.

 One of the few Iranian churches still serving Christians who are not from minority ethnic groups – and are therefore more likely to be converts from Islam –reportedly has told these Farsi-speaking believers that they are no longer welcome.

“Since 2011, pressure and restrictions on Iranian churches have increased dramatically,” it said. “Many Christians, especially newly converted Christians, have faced imprisonment, pressure and harassment in the past few years. Iranian intelligence and security forces have recently focused their efforts to close down more churches around the country.”

Mohabat News said churches in Iran are coming under pressure to stop all activities in Farsi, including sermons.

Critics say that despite the election of a president last year viewed as reform-minded, the situation has, if anything, gotten worse.

“Conditions are at levels not seen since the early years of the [1979] revolution,” U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom chair Katrina Lantos Swett wrote in an op-ed last weekend.

The Iranian Supreme Leader's front man President Hassan Rouhani tweeted a Christmas message which is the kind of thing that fools Western diplomats who ignore the real plight of the people in the Islamic theocracy.

Iran's Ministry of Intelligence requested the church turn over their personal information, an act intended to intimidate members from attending.

Meanwhile Obama has allowed money to pour into the Iranian regime encouraging further persecution.

Four Iranian Christians were reportedly sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking wine for communion, a shocking punishment meted out even as a new United Nations report blasted the Islamic republic for its systematic persecution of non-Muslims.