Muslims Fight Sexual Harassment by Telling Women to Wear Hijabs

This is what Muslim feminism looks like.


Apparently Malawi's entire sexual harassment problem is caused by women not wearing Hijabs. It's unclear then why Egypt has such high sexual harassment rates. Or Saudi Arabia where women are hardly allowed to leave the house or show their faces.

“While women of other faith groups are going through the pain of sexual violence due to improper dressing, it’s been observed that there are low cases of sexual violence among Muslim women,” Fatima Ndaila, National Chairperson of Muslim Women Organization (MWO), told

“It is rare for women who put on hijab to be sexually molested.”

Or rare for them to report it between the honor killings and the four witnesses. Also this kind of suggests that Muslims are doing most of the molesting.

“It is on the basis of this observation that we have intensified our fight against sexual violence by sensitizing Muslim women and girls to be putting on hijab while in public on in work places,” Ndaila said.

That doesn't sound like much of a plan to fight sexual harassment unless it's Muslim women doing the harassing. But the veil was innovated in Islam as a means to allow Mohammed's followers to distinguish between women who belonged to a man and those who didn't.

“But this is not the case with women who are not in hijab. The hijab has become an effective protective measure against sexual violence in Malawi, it is for this reason that we are advocating for its use as we fight sexual violence.”

“We have discovered that improper dressing among women has significantly contributed to the rising levels of sexual violence, because it attracts men.  It’s not easy to change people’s mindset,” she said.

This is what Muslim feminism looks like.